Commissioner brings up idea for Narcan limits

Opioid overdoses continue to plague local communities, including Martin County, where first responders are still responding to multiple overdoses each week.

Sheriff William Snyder says it is not uncommon to respond to the same person multiple times needing to be revived with Narcan.

In a budget meeting this week, one Martin County Commissioner raised the idea of limiting how many Narcan doses are given by firefighters to an individual experiencing overdoses.

Ed Fielding, while discussing the fire rescue budget, spoke about ideas he says he heard through the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office.

"[Alan] Johnson suggested that they have a cut off," Fielding said. "And he says what we've had to come up with is after so many, that we do not administer."

The Palm Beach County Attorney's Office responded to Ed Fieldings public comments, saying his comments were not accurate.

" We have never taken the position that there should be a Narcan limit. We support the continued use of this life-saving drug and hope its availability will continue to widen, " said Dave Aronberg.

Right now, Palm Beach County and St. Lucie County do not have dosage limits.

Fielding expressed the opioid issue is much more severe in Palm Beach County, but said it's inevitable that more overdoses will keep happening in Martin County.

Snyder agrees saying, "It's not decreasing, rather, it's probably increasing."

Martin County Commissioners approve how much money fire rescue can spend on Narcan.

Snyder says at this point, he would not want to impose limitations for his deputies.

Snyder is able to determine how much money is spent on Narcan without approval from commissioners.

"We buy it in bulk. We buy it as needed," Snyder said. "I never want to be in a situation where I have to ration the Narcan," Snyder said.

The county commissioners did not take any official action on the idea.

Martin County firefighters are not commenting on how they would feel about a dosage limit.

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