Tricia Todd's killer accused of contraband

Tricia Todd's killer accused of contraband

We are learning about new troubles for the man convicted of brutally murdering a Hobe Sound mother last year.

Steven Williams is currently serving a 35-year sentence, that was part of a plea deal, for the murder of his ex-wife Tricia Todd.

News Channel 5 requested all prison records related to Steven Williams, revealing Williams was punished earlier this year for contraband, accused of having ink for tattoos.

It's been a little over a year since Tricia Todd was last seen alive. The Hobe Sound mother was reported missing
after she didn't show up to pick up her daughter.

Investigators found her car in front of a neighbor's home, the keys in the ignition, her purse inside. Tricia's phone and wallet were missing.

At this point, there was no physical evidence pointing to a crime, which led to weeks of searching.

Ultimately, investigators were able to get Tricia's ex-husband Steven Williams to confess to the murder.

Prosecutors made a plea deal with him, offering 35 years for second-degree murder if he took them to her body.
That's when they learned he had dismembered her body and buried her in a tub of acid.

In the end prosecutors had to honor their deal, and in September 2016, Williams was sentenced to that 35-year term.

Fast forward a few months, prison records show Williams is facing even more trouble behind bars. He was punished for contraband. Williams was a law library clerk, and officers found ink from ink cartridges in his work space for the use of tattoos.

Despite an in-depth hand written note appealing punishment, he lost 15 days of gain time.

Prison records also show about a month after his sentencing, two Air Force special agents along with to Martin County detectives,  went to interview him. The purpose of their visit is still not clear.

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