Jazz pianist with autism performs in PB Gardens

Jazz pianist with autism performs in PB Gardens

An internationally-known jazz pianist on the autism spectrum was the highlight of a Sunday event in Palm Beach Gardens.

Matt Savage, 25, performed at the Arthur I. Meyer Jewish Academy as part of an event that brought awareness of students with disabilities.

When Savage was 3-years-old he was diagnosed with autism, which created a difficult situation at school.

"They welcomed Matt with open arms based on his math and reading skills. I was hopeful this was the place, but we got a call at the end of Matt's first day telling us to come get our son. It was very clear he had a problem," said Savage's mother, Diane.

Matt's mother thanked auditory integration therapy for helping her son's career as a musician and composer.

Sunday's event hopes to create an environment with lifelong inclusion for individuals with disabilities.

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