Construction worker tackles shooting suspect

Construction worker tackles shooting suspect

A construction worker is credited with tackling and disarming a man after police said he shot a woman Wednesday and broke into a home, the Riviera Beach Police Department says.

Emmanuel McIntosh shot the woman around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday in West Palm Beach and then forced her in a car driving into Riviera Beach, according to a police report.

A Riviera Beach Police officer reported seeing a BMW hit another car. When the officer went to the scene, the driver, later identified as McIntosh, said the woman passenger was shot and needed help.

The officer went over to help the woman when she said, "he shot me" and pointed at McIntosh, a police report states.

McIntosh ran into a house in the 100 block of West 25th St. where four men were doing remodeling work.

One of the men says he told McIntosh to leave but McIntosh pulled out a gun and pointed it at him. McIntosh began waving the gun back and forth between two of the men in the house.

The second man, a construction worker, told investigators he heard the gun "click" and knew he had to react instantly since the gun did not fire.

The man attacked McIntosh, fighting him to the ground and disarming him.

Three of the other men ran outside to get the police. McIntosh kicked and flailed his arms and legs as officers ran inside and helped the man trying to hold him down, according to the report.

An officer says McIntosh kicked him and the assistant chief, sending the assistant chief to the hospital.

Officers arrested McIntosh and charged him with four counts of aggravated battery, resisting an officer and burglary.

McIntosh could face more charges because the West Palm Beach Police Department is also investigating McIntosh in connection with additional criminal activity, a Riviera Beach Police spokesperson said.

Records show McIntosh has an extensive criminal history, including felony convictions for grand theft in 2012 and 2013.

He is being held at St. Mary's Medical Center for treatment and is expected to be transferred to the Palm Beach County Jail.

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