Crate Training

Crates, when used correctly, are an essential tool for having a happy dog. Crates are like the dog's own room or safe place. Since dogs don’t like to soil where they sleep, crates can be a very effective tool for housetraining! Even after he is housetrained you can keep the crate around for your dog to use.


House Training

From the puppy who needs to go out in the middle of the night, to the older dog who was never allowed in the house, house training can test a family’s patience. House training can be broken into three basic parts: observe, prevent, reward.


Most dogs will give some type of warning that they need to go. It may be obvious like going toward the door or more subtle, like sniffing and circling.


When you see your dog give the “signal” take him outside immediately. Don’t wait until he is already going to try to get him outside.


Give your dog praise or treats when he goes outside. Gradually reduce the treats until praise is the only reward.


No matter how vigilant you are, your dog will still probably have an accident in the house. Do not punish your dog by yelling at him or putting his nose in the mess. This just teaches him to be afraid of you. Instead, clean it up and deodorize the area to remove the scent and decrease the chance of your dog going in that spot again. 

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