FOX 29 Holiday Hints

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photo luminaries
photo luminaries

The FOX 29 team has compiled some of our hints and tricks as well as some DIY projects to make sure you have the happiest of holidays. Use the #FOX29HolidayHints on social media and let us know your favorite holiday hacks!

Check out a few of our faves below.

Holiday Hacks: 

1. Use green tinsel to make your fake tree look fuller. Layer the tinsel on the inner branches to fill out your tree.

2. Make the tastiest holiday turkey by cooking it with a cheesecloth. Put the cheesecloth over top of the turkey and baste through the cloth. Remove the cloth when it's done and you will have an extra tasty turkey!

3. Use old saran wrap and aluminum foil containers as decorative cookie boxes. Instructions on how to create your cookie box here. 

4. Use a plastic hanger to wrap Christmas lights for easy tangle free storage.

5. Glue mini candy canes together to make easy place card holders for holiday parties (pictured in article)

6. Make cute and inexpensive Christmas tree decoration out of coffee filters (pictured in article) Full directions here. 

7. Joy in a Jar: Take an old mason jar and decorate it. Throughout the year take a scrap piece of paper and write down something that someone has done for you. At the end of the year, get together and read them aloud. It's a nice way to let your loved ones know you have been thinking about them and appreciate the things you do for each other.

8. Make wrapping gifts easier by using netting and paper filler to wrap smaller gifts. Lay the netting out and put the gift in the middle with some paper filler. Gather the netting together and tie with a festive bow.

9. Make a gingerbread body scrub to give as a gift. Recipe here. 

10. Use family photos to make photo luminaries to use a gifts or as decorations. Learn how to make them here.

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