Big waves a threat to beaches

Big waves a threat to beaches

Quite a show at the beach today, but with those large breaking waves comes potential beach erosion.

"Can't imagine it not doing any damage," said Tina Knott who was at the beach taking pictures of the waves.

It's something many wondered near Bathtub Beach in Martin County.

"Incredible high waves which has shown that it's coming over the dunes," said County Coastal Engineer Kathy Fitzpatrick.

She says these waves can cause erosion, but it's really too soon to tell.

The good news is thousands of dollars have been spent on reinforcing Bathtub Beach.

"Luckily we had placed sand along Bathtub Beach in time. We've been working. Sand has been doing a good job at holding back the waves," said Fitzpatrick.

She says it may take a few weeks to determine total damage if any.

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