Video walk-through with Raja released

Video walk-through with Raja released

State prosecutors have released new video that shows former Palm Beach Gardens Police Officer Nouman Raja  telling investigators his version of events after he shot and killed local drummer Corey Jones.

Raja claims he had no choice but to fire which is why he and his attorneys have filed a motion to dismiss the criminal charges under Florida's 'stand your ground' statute.

Raja was working an under cover burglary detail in the Palm Beach Gardens area on the night of the shooting.

In the video, you can see he is in the same civilian clothes he was wearing at the time of the shooting. His unmarked white van and Corey's broken down car are still on scene.

"The door swung open and this guy jumps out and I immediately got out the van and he's like 'I'm ok I'm ok man,' at which point I said hey, man police can I help you?" said Raja in the video. "The second I said police, he jumps back and I clearly remember him drawing and pointing a gun at me. I saw that silver muzzle."

At this point, Raja doesn't realize that Corey had been on the phone with AT&T Roadside Assistance while he was waiting for a tow truck.

The entire encounter had been recorded. No where on that call can you hear Raja identify himself as an officer, as he claims he did multiple time during this walk-through.

The Police Benevolent Association is strongly against video

walk-throughs like this.The president of the union said that after this one that you just

saw with Raja they now do not allow their members to do these walk throughs.

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