Judge denies motion in Nouman Raja case

Judge denies motion in Nouman Raja case

A short motion hearing was held Friday morning for a former Palm Beach Gardens police officer charged in a deadly 2015 shooting.

Nouman Raja is charged with manslaughter and attempted murder in the shooting death of local drummer Corey Jones at the PGA Boulevard exit off Interstate 95.

At Friday's hearing, the defense team asked the judge for more details regarding the charges against Raja.

They claim they've interviewed several witnesses who can't say what fatal shot, out of 6, killed Jones and that is hindering them when it comes to forming a defense.

The state claims the defense is trying to learn their trial strategy.  Also, they said they don't know which was the fatal shot and it doesn't matter.

The judge agreed with state prosecutors and denied the motion.

Raja did not attend Friday's hearing.

State prosecutors this week released new video that shows Raja telling investigators his version of events after he shot and killed Jones.

Investigators said Jones' car broke down on the PGA Boulevard off ramp.

Raja was driving an unmarked vehicle in plain clothes and approached Jones while he was stranded. Raja told investigators that Jones confronted him, so he shot him multiple times.

During the course of the investigation, investigators learned Jones' body was found a significant distance away from Jones' gun, which he had obtained only days prior to the shooting.

Investigators also said Raja lied during his interviews.

Raja's attorneys refute that, saying "after over two years of investigation the state has no evidence as to where Corey Jones was when he was shot, what position Corey Jones was in when he was shot, what Corey Jones was doing when he was shot, which of the six shots fired struck Corey Jones, which of the six shots caused his death, and which of the six shots caused the injuries to Corey Jones' arms."

In January, Raja's attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the charges under the "Stand Your Ground" law.

A trial date is scheduled for July.

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