Local march wants President Trump's attention

Local march wants President Trump's attention

Of the hundreds of March for Our Lives events taking place Saturday, the one closest to the ear of the President of the United States is the one happening in West Palm Beach.  It's a march for kids and families who are demanding safety become a priority and to end gun violence in our schools and communities.

West Palm Beach's March for Our Lives rally will make a stop just a shout away from President Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate. They plan to make a 30-minute stop across the Intracoastal from the private club.

Valerie Rangel, a junior a Seminole Ridge High School, organized West Palm's march.

"I think everyone is really hoping he'll listen and hoping that he'll somehow drive by and see us and just really hear us out," she said.

The march is along Southern Blvd., from Dreher Park to Flagler Drive. About 1.3 miles each way.

Southern is the motorcade's usual path, and since the election, a common place to for people to exercise their first amendment right.

"(What we want is) extensive background checks, longer wait period before you're approved to get a gun. I don't think anybody should own assault rifles, assault weapons," Rangel said.

Michelle Kendall also helped organize Saturday's march. She lives in Loxahatchee but owns a restaurant near Marjory Stoneman Douglas.

"I have employees who went to Douglas. One of my buss boys hid in a janitor's closet for three hours on the second floor of the freshman building," Kendall said.

They will be two of an anticipated 2,000 plus who will be marching Saturday.

Michelle is bring voter registration with her for then teens who haven't registered. You can pre-register at 16, she reminds everyone.

"A lot of the kids think that the march is the big part but in reality registering to vote is probably the most crucial thing you can do right now," she said.

This march starts at 2 p.m. Saturday. At the same time, the boat show will be happening, add all that on top of the President's motorcade potentially mobilizing, traffic in the West Palm Beach could be bad.

Something to keep in mind.

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