High winds increasing chance of fires

High winds increasing chance of fires

The Florida Forest Service says today's high winds dramatically increases the risk of fire.

Firefighters are stationed right now in every county waiting to respond.

Tuesday morning, Dave Grubich with the Florida Forest Service inspected a small fire off Cove Road in Martin County.

"A lot of dry material," said Grubich.

He see's the potential.

"So much blown down debris," said Grubich.

High winds are the biggest concern.

"Lifts the fire, allows it to spread even faster," said Melissa Yunas with FFS.

The Okeechobee District of the Florida Forest Service actually brought in extra firefighters from North Florida to help out.

Crews are monitoring scanners right now.

"We're prepared, but we need homeowners to work with us," said Yunas.

"Be mindful. It's not the time to be burning something as simple as the trash in the yard," said Grubich.

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