FFS reminds people to be prepared for fires

FFS reminds people to be prepared for fires

At the height of dry season, we see many wildfires.

So firefighters are asking homeowners to help them save homes, property and lives.

On Southeast Bella Road, Lisa Jeffreys has a temporary reminder every time she's in her backyard.

The remnants of a 70 acre fire that forced Lisa and 39 other homes to be evacuated.

"A little more prepared and take it a little more serious," said Jeffreys.

It should also be a reminder for you at home.

Melissa Yunas says it's important to prepare. She says homeowners should create a buffer zone around their homes, especially those living near nature areas.

"Make sure vegetation is away from the wooden fences. Second thing is if a wildfire is threatening, take the time to open the gate," said Yunas.

It's also important to have an emergency evacuation kit.

"Have a three-day supply kit, papers, medicines, and your pets ready to go," said Yunas.

An important reminder this dry season.

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