Helping sexual assault survivors

Helping sexual assault survivors

"No still means no," one of the main messages sexual assault survivors are sharing for all to see on the fence at the Palm Beach County Victims Services office in West Palm Beach.

Sharon Daugherty is the sexual assault outreach coordinator.

"I came into this field because I am a survivor of sexual assault from my father," she said.

Sharon says the memories of what happened to her never go away, that's why she's dedicated her life to helping others. She knows what they're going through.

"By honoring their voices and giving them a place to come to for camaraderie and support."

As part of the healing process, some of the survivors are sharing pieces of clothing they wore when they were assaulted, showing anyone at any age can be a victim.

'It takes this out of the secrecy and into the light where it can be looked at and shared and supported and you can be told that yes what you say is important."

Workers are more than willing to offer healing and help the many who want help, especially after the "Me Too" movement.

"We are getting higher amounts of reports of rape and also people seeking counseling for assaults that happened in the past.

The pieces of clothing of the survivors will be displayed.

Survivor Art Exhibition
April 6th - April 26

Palm Beach State College
Gallery at Lake Worth Campus 
Humanities Building 104
4200 South Congress Avenue

For more information, call 561-625-2568

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