The waiting game for Florida's citrus industry

The waiting game for Florida's citrus industry

Senator Marco Rubio says he hops the Department of Agriculture will make an announcement next week on when Florida citrus farmers will finally get federal disaster payments they say they desperately need.

The President signed the authorization in February.

Scott Lambeth with Indian River Exchange Packers says he's recovered since Hurricane Irma, somewhat.

"Good fruit set coming," said Lambeth as he looks at his crop.

He like so many others though are still waiting for federal relief money.

"Well of course we needed the funds yesterday," said Lambeth.

The USDA is still trying to figure out how to distribute that money and that's a problem because growers are spending money right now.

"Trying to raise next years crops and so we're putting our inputs farther forward earlier in the season then we would," said Lambeth.

The longer they wait the harder it gets.

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