Horse killed in St. Lucie Co. vehicle crash

Horse killed in St. Lucie Co. vehicle crash

A horse is dead and another injured after a roadway incident in St. Lucie County.

A truck was pulling a trailer with nine horses when the incident happened at the intersection of S. Ocean Drive and Jacaranda Drive, according to the St. Lucie County Fire District.

Tours on Horseback said the accident happened on the way to the beach. It said the floorboard in the trailer was recently renovated and somehow wood shifted.

A horse fell, was dragged and died from its injuries.

Tours on Horseback said it has never had any issues before.

"We love what we do and all of the horses that we have. We are very saddened by this morning's events," a message posted to Facebook said.

Story updated to clarify the trailer was not involved in a crash with another vehicle.

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