Engine problems affect more police cars

Engine problems affect more police cars

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- West Palm Beach says the number of police cars with engine problems has now increased to 15, as the investigation into the cause is still underway.

Two other agencies, Miami-Dade and Miami Gardens, also report police cars with similar issues.

West Palm City Administrator Jeff Green said mechanics have found diesel fuel in gas supply tanks that were meant to be fueled with unleaded.

Miami-Dade has sidelined around 50 of their cars, reporting the same issue.

How diesel ended up in their tanks remains the big question.

West Palm Beach uses Mansfield as a supplier. Miami-Dade uses Indigo.

At the same time Ford is still investigating on their end, checking several of the West Palm engines the automaker took back to Detroit for a closer look.

The problems started last week when two cars suddenly had engine failure.

The symptoms were quiet. No check engine light came on.

All cars with issues have the same Ford Interceptor motor and are less than three years old.

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