PBSO holds active-shooter training

PBSO holds active-shooter training

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw told private and charter school officials his deputies are ready to respond if an active shooter ever enters their schools.

The sheriff's office held active shooter training for those schools Thursday.

In his presentation, Sheriff Bradshaw said any delay in notifying law enforcement could be the difference between a life saved or lost. "Every second that goes by, every bullet that goes off, that's somebody dead. You can't wait for these things to happen, and you can't depend on the person in the middle of that chaos to think of what's supposed to happen according to the policies. "

Those school administrators were also shown active shooter presentations and given notes about how they could improve their own training.

"Our goal is to try to stop something BEFORE it happens and that means we need to get information from the public." - Sheriff @RicBradshaw #SeeSomethingSaySomething pic.twitter.com/5j31TCLD2n

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