Northwood neighbors asking for development

Northwood neighbors asking for development

A $75 million plan to transform the north end of the city is canceled.

The Northwood commons project was expected to bring affordable micro apartments, grocery store and a park.

Driving along 24th street and Pinewood Avenue you won't see a lot.

"When we walk out of the door where is there motivation at," Sharon Engram said.

Engram says her family has a 100 year history in Northwood area. She's lived in the neighborhood her entire life and piece by piece she's watched it decay.

A $75 million promise to bring micro apartments, shops and a grocery store was in the works, but last week commissioners voted to cancel the project after fear that the developer wouldn't be able to raise the money.

"I think it would have helped a lot financially," Diane B. McKinney said.

McKinney told WPTV she was here more than 50 years ago when the Northwood area was booming on both sides of the train tracks. Now she and other business owners say they're ready to see a positive change.

"We're going to discuss ways to of what we can do to make them see that's what's needed over here," she said.

They're going to debate whether they want condo's and more shops or go with what neighbors across the train tracks say they need, a grocery store and an upgraded park for the kids.

"I like Northwood, I love that they have the music on Fridays that part is good too, but we're still here... it's not like it cuts short at the railroad tracks," Engram said. "We're all as one."

McKinney says in two weeks business owners will meet with the city's Economic Development team to see how they can work together to invest in the area.

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