Ultimate SunFest poster collector?

Ultimate SunFest poster collector?

Walk into Doctor Albert  Benvenuto's West Palm Beach dental office and SunFest posters practically jump out at you.

"They remind me of springtime, Florida; the water, the beach. What I came to Florida for. And this is a perfect example of it," he says.

The posters span from 1988 through 2014, the last year they were made.

His collection of West Palm's yearly waterfront tradition fills the walls.

"Maybe it's a good idea they discontinued them because we're running out of wall space," he says.

A little deeper into the beginning of his collection, in the late 80s, his hygienist started collecting them and brought them in the office.

They looked good with the decor and a patient volunteered to frame them all. The posters feature landscapes of local scenery you might recognize.

The only thing that brings Dr. Benvenuto down when it comes to the uplifting posters? They don't make them anymore. "I thought it was just going to be a one year, but they have not made them since and we haven't heard why they stopped making them."

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