'Do the Write Thing' celebrates children

'Do the Write Thing' celebrates children

Do the 'Write' Thing -- as in write it down!

That's the challenge to thousands of middle schoolers across Palm Beach County, hundreds of whom are being honored in a ceremony Tuesday morning.

Students answered the questions: How has youth violence affected your life? What are the causes of youth violence? And what can I do to reduce youth violence?

The answers are heartbreaking, from emotional and physical abuse to living in the foster care system or dealing with and even witnessing death.

"If you're a parent today and you have a child in the school system, it's the most frightening thing in the world to think your child could potentially get hurt or bullied. We live in troubling times and that's why we do this program," said Bill Bone, chairman of Do the Write Thing.

Justin Hersh, a 12-year old student at Emerald Cove Elementary School, shared a poem about being severely bullied and abused by fellow students throughout his life.

"I took a step back and realized that they probably were somehow abused outside of school and were taking their anger out on me...I hope my words will help people realize that they aren't alone," said Hersh, a finalist for the Do the Write Thing challenge.

On Tuesday, "Do the Write Thing" will celebrate hundreds of finalists in a ceremony at the South Florida Fairgrounds. Follow WPTV's Alanna QuillenWPTV's Alanna Quillen for updates.

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