Jupiter sergeant fired for sex acts now sues

Jupiter sergeant fired for sex acts now sues

A former Jupiter police sergeant, fired after an investigation found he performed sex acts while on duty, is now suing the town of Jupiter.

Jason VanSteenburgh is suing the town for negligent supervision as well as retaliation and discrimination, after he says he was sexually harassed by then Major Amy Walling.

Investigators said videos taken during the acts were part of evidence.

In his lawsuit, VanSteenburgh admits he engaged in a sexual relationship with his supervisor, Walling in 2013. But he says "she used her power as major to discipline him for personal matters/disputes and put his position on the SWAT team at issue."

VanSteenburgh said he ended his relationship with Walling in 2016 when "she began to stalk him and sexually harass him in the workplace, despite his objections." VanSteenburgh says he was fearful of complaining about her.

"This fear was confirmed when Chief Kitzerow made a comment to VanSteenburgh that he would 'always back his command staff,'" the lawsuit claims.

He says despite his objections, Walling then sent him a half-naked photo of herself in his shirt. She also allegedly "bought a home near his home and an identical vehicle to that of his fiancee."

VanSteenburgh said he complained to the chief, deputy chief, human resources and other majors multiple times but was told not to worry. He claims "Walling was told to stay away by command staff," but she didn't.

VanSteenburgh then says he was removed from the SWAT team and placed on administrative leave. Eventually, he was fired but claimed Walling was given the chance to fight for his job when he wasn't.

Jupiter police investigators found that VanSteenburgh engaged in sexual acts in July 2015, after they said a video produced by Walling confirmed all of this.

He was also found to have sent a half-naked photo while on duty and in uniform in 2015.

Investigators found Walling engaged in that sexual act in July 2015, and also sent naked photos of herself.

Both permanently lost their jobs in 2017.

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