Still no answers in missing surfer case

Still no answers in missing surfer case

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - After more than two years of searching and waiting, there are still more questions than answers for the loved ones of Darryl Fornatora, a West Palm Beach man who disappeared during a surfing trip to the Dominican Republic.

His parents are sharing his story, once again, hoping to re-ignite the investigation.

Perfectly preserved, Nancy and Gilbert Fornatora still have their son Darryl's belongings,
or at least what has been recovered or returned to them after he disappeared on that surfing vacation in January 2016.

"Yesterday was probably one of the worst days of all being Mother's Day," said Gilbert Fornatora.

Nancy still reads and re-reads the last Mother's Day card Darryl ever sent to her.

"I know sometimes I'll hear the phone ring and I think is it possible, but logically, I know that's not happening, not after all this time," said Nancy.

Since Darryl's mysterious disappearance, multiple agencies, investigators and even his own family
have dug up bits and pieces. However, so far there is still no clear view as to where Darryl could be
or what happened to him.

"We have a jurisdictional problem," said Gilbert. "We've been quiet for so long and no body has taken the bull by the horn."

The Fornatora's say they refuse to give up saying Darryl deserves to come home. They also refuse to believe Darryl could have drowned and have been told by the U.S Embassy and their investigators that foul play is suspected.

But what was Darryl doing when he disappeared?  Who was the last to see him? How was he acting?

All of that will be covered in an in-depth episode of Crime Watch Daily airing Tuesday at noon on FOX 29.

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