WPB vulnerable place for cyber attack

WPB vulnerable place for cyber attack

"Not surprising Florida in general and not surprising even in South Florida, but to be that high on the list is always just another reminder that we need to pay more attention," says Alan Crowetz, Channel 5's internet security expert.

Las Vegas is the most vulnerable. West Palm Beach is in the top 10 with Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa. West Palm Beach is eight.

"Retiring, old elderly population that hasn't had the benefit of being around the internet their entire lives.

We have a lot of money in the area and the bad guys can sniff out money and we have a transient population," he says.

Passwords are the number one thing you should protect, Alan says.

Use a different and unique password for every log in you have. To show us why, Alan is typing his email address into the website HaveIBeenPwned.com.

It tells if your email has been apart of a data breach. He's been apart of five, including Linked-In.

"So, who cares if they have my Linked-In password? But if it's the same password I use for my company email, which can then be used to get into a lot of things," he said.

Alan says change passwords often, especially for important stuff like banking.

There's another warning out this week from the FBI asking for everyone with an internet router this week to restart it-unplug it and plug it back in 10 seconds later-to protect yourself against Russian malware.

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