PBG teacher could be fired after classroom rant

PBG teacher could be fired after classroom rant

The Palm Beach Gardens High School teacher facing
criticism for what some have called anti-Haiti comments he made in a classroom could be fired.

The principal at the school sent a letter to the superintendent recommending that math teacher Keith Tillman be fired.

The outburst, which was directed at a Hatian student, sparked outrage and protest. Many calling the comments racist and anti-immigrant.

The principal pulled Tillman from the classroom after the incident. He was found in violation of 3 policies and now we've learned he might not be allowed to return at all pending a vote by the school board at its next meeting.

"This is not a victory," said Jame Leger, a Haitian activist and radio host. "We were not looking to get someone fired. We were looking to stop something that's going on that's not fair and to the Haitian community."

During the investigation, Tillman defended himself saying that he had no intention of embarrassing the student. He said that in the moment he misspoke and his analogy was misinterpreted.

We reached out to Tillman for further comment but he didnt wish to say anything more.

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