Possible algae spotted in St. Lucie River

Possible algae spotted in St. Lucie River

Test results on algae samples taken earlier this week are still pending.

Now, more possible algae has been spotted. Not on Lake Okeechobee, but on the St. Lucie River.

At Marina off Kanner Highway, trouble was spotted by Tom Nolin.

"Today, quite a bit worse than yesterday," said Nolin looking at the algae.

This may be the first algae spotted on the river since the U.S. Army Corps began discharging water from Lake Okeechobee.

More may be coming down the canal as well.

Possible algae was spotted at the St. Lucie Locks Wednesday.

Paul Kuiper at Lighthouse Point wonders if 2018 will be like 2016.

"We didn't move here to deal with this," said Kuiper.

The Department of Environment Protection collected samples of an algae bloom near Port Mayaca Monday.

Testing is underway to determine if that algae is toxic.

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