Uber driver guilty of sexual battery sentenced

Uber driver guilty of sexual battery sentenced

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.-- An Uber driver accused of sexual battery has been sentenced.

In March, a jury found Gary Kitchings guilty on five of six counts.

He was accused of sexually battering a passenger he drove home from SunFest last year.

During the trial, the jury heard testimony from the accuser who testified that Kitchings assaulted her In both the car and then at her house and threatened her with a gun.

Kitchings testified in his own defense and said that the sexual encounter was consensual.

The victim testified during sentencing and once again said the encounter was not consensual and that she has suffered greatly since the attack in 2017.

A judge sentenced Kitchings to 22 years in prison.

The state had argued for a life sentence.

The judge said she deviated from the recommended sentence after taking into consideration the defendant's lack of criminal history, his contributions to the foster-care community, and his age.

Kitchings is 58.

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