Loxahatchee family says goats stolen from home

Loxahatchee family says goats stolen from home

A Loxahatchee family is searching for answers after three goats were stolen off of their property, Wednesdayafternoon.

Ricardo Ledan says the goats are a part of his family.

"This was part of his legacy," he said.

They belonged to his late father who was  a farmer. Now they belong to him. So after heavy rain Ricardo says he decided to move the goats out of their pin.

"We had them leashed up to the trees," Ledan recalled.

But after returning home from running errands last Wednesday he noticed all three goats were gone.

"All the leashes were unhooked from where they were," he said. "We didn't expect that someone would actually steal goats I mean it's ridiculous."

He's filed a report with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, but he says so far there are no leads as to who stole his goats.

"It's like your missing a part of your family because every morning this is something I would do," he said. "I would feed them and take care of them. So to lose them is very hurtful and to think that someone would enter your property and break into your property just to take your animals.. that's wild."

Ledan says after the theft his family installed security cameras throughout the property. Anyone with information on the goats is asked to contact the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

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