Killer Instinct

KILLER INSTINCT details the chilling stories behind the bizarre and deviant crimes committed by San Francisco’s most aberrant criminals – and the detectives whose job it is to stop them.
The series centers on Detective JACK HALE (Johnny Messner) of the San Francisco Police Department’s Deviant Crime Unit. Hale has chosen to be on the front line of the city’s toughest division after taking a hiatus from the force when his partner – with whom he had a personal relationship – died in the line of duty. Intense and private, Hale is haunted by his own personal demons and fights to maintain his sanity and career.
While investigating his cases, Hale works closely with his boss, the likable Lieutenant MATT CAVANAUGH (Chi McBride), who, despite his better judgment, supports Hale’s boundary-pushing tactics. Meanwhile, Detective DANIELLE CARTER (Kristin Lehman) is preparing to join the force and Hale’s world, to go toe-to-toe with the idea that “behind every monster there’s a mystery.”
The stories of KILLER INSTINCT remind us that the “monsters” are everyday people, hidden in plain sight – and that, in each of us, a monster may lurk just beneath the surface.
KILLER INSTINCT was created by Josh Berman and is a Regency Television production. Charlie Craig and Ed Zuckerman serve as executive producers.