About Attorney Alan J. Fisher, P.A.

From the pen of Attorney Alan J. Fisher...

I have practiced law over 16 years and have worked on over 10,000 consumer and business bankruptcy cases. Most bankruptcy lawyers restrict their practice to either debtor or creditor clients, but I focus upon my client's particular needs.

I handle Chapter 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcy cases. In addition to representing creditors and debtors in bankruptcy cases, I accept adversary proceedings, which are lawsuits related to bankruptcy cases. I also help clients with real estate and foreclosure disputes and transactions. Each client receives my individual attention regardless of whether they are a corporate creditor or a family with debt problems.

The goal is to provide each client with innovative, cost-efficient solutions. For example, a creditor purchased a note secured by a mortgage on real property in the hope of receiving a higher return than the C.D. interest rates at his bank. Although the note was secured by real estate, the borrower made only two payments before filing three consecutive bankruptcies over an 8-month period to stop the client's foreclosure efforts. The debtor was using the bankruptcy system like a revolving door, but I filed an emergency motion and obtained an order allowing the foreclosure sale to proceed regardless of whether any further bankruptcy petitions were filed.

In another matter, a client's $500,000 home was in foreclosure. The client had a new loan to pay off the foreclosing creditor, but the creditor was demanding more than he was owed as the result of some "creative accounting." The client did not want to file for bankruptcy, but a quick solution had to be found to avoid the loss of the family home. I filed a suit in state court and persuaded the judge to conduct an immediate hearing so his expert witness could show how the creditor's calculations were in error. The case settled the next day for half of what the creditor originally demanded.

Since I represent both debtors and creditors, he in a unique position to advise a client by drawing upon his experience and assess a matter from both sides of the case.