Free Ride

FREE RIDE is a partially improvised comedy that follows recent UC Santa Barbara graduate NATE STAHLINGS (Josh Dean) as he boomerangs home to move back in with his parents in his small Midwestern town, Johnson City, MO, with no life plans past doing his laundry. Upon his return, he discovers his mom MARGO (Loretta Fox) and dad BOB (Allan Havey) are knee-deep in marriage therapy and his bedroom has been turned into a gym. The good news is that Nate reconnects with cute former-classmate-turned-local-bank-teller AMBER DANWOOD (Erin Cahill); the bad news is she’s newly engaged. Nate also hooks up with MARK DOVE (Dave Sheridan), a guy who peaked in high school and has been cruising downhill in his monster truck ever since. The assistant manager of the auto section at the local Kash Kutters, Dove takes Nate under his “wing” to show him the local party scene, which turns out to be way more mild than wild.
Unsure of where his life is headed anyway, and hopeful that Amber and he can overcome that nasty little “fiancé” business of hers, Nate decides to stay home for just a little while longer as he transitions into the next stage of development: Real Life.