Make Your Own Gas

We found several websites offering essentially moonshine stills, not to brew booze but to legally make ethanol.

First you'll make sure your car can run on an ethanol blend, then shell out hundreds up front for equipment and get a permit before making fuel for 75 cents a gallon.

The prices are rising.

"I think it costs me about 50 dollars to fill up."

"It's horrible. I mean I'm a student."

Rachel McKie says gas quickly eat through her minimum wage. That's why websites like this are getting more attention. Dogwood Energy of Tennessee sells stills for making ethanol. Yes like a moonshine still.

"I personally wouldn't be making moonshine to put in my car."

The website sells stills or parts and blueprints to make them. It says you'll spend $600 or more. You'll even find the application for the federal permit you'll need. Oh yes you'll have to find the corn or other materials to burn too.

"Not for everyday working people. It wouldn't work out."

"If you can make some on your own, it's great."

Mark Emalfarb is the president of Jupiter biotech concern Dyadic International. His company has worked on ethanol for years and is working with Scripps finding enzymes to improve the ethanol making process.

"We make those today. The products work. We just have to make them more efficiently more effectively and higher yields and that's what we're working on."

But a home ethanol still? Emalfarb says sub-tropical South Florida may be a good place to try it.

"Everybody has grass clippings. Everybody has palm fronds. You've got cellulosic materials, go to it. Let's reduce our dependency on oil. A few drips at a time."

You still need to blend your homemade ethanol with gasoline and the scientist in our story says the work his company Dyadic is doing with Scripps Research Institute will hopefully make mass produced ethanol more cost effective than home made.