Try Weightlessness

Ever want to be an astronaut?  Though the price of commercial space travel may be out of reach for the average citizen, the associated experience of weightlessness is surprisingly affordable.

The Zero Gravity Corporation offers the weightlessness experience to consumers on their modified Boeing 727,G-FORCE ONE. A mere $3750 will get you a seat on the plane in Fort Lauderdale, the seat may just move a little--from floor... to wall... to ceiling.
The effect is achieved by flying a Boeing 727 through what are called parabolas, quick roller coaster-like movements performed between 24,000 and 34,000 feet. The move lasts for one minute, producing 25-30 seconds of weightlessness each time. The flight includes two parabolas, adding up to almost a minute of weightlessness. A minute may not seem like a long time, but according to people who have done it, time as well as gravity gets suspended.

One satisfied customer, a staffer for the FOX show Family Guy, describes his experience here.

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