Single in South Florida

Single in South Florida? If that's you, your becoming the majority.  More people are single today than we've ever seen.  Both the young and old are struggling to find the elusive steady relationship.  The idea of how to find your perfect match is changing.  The dating do's and don'ts are a lot more complicated.  But with the changing odds, forget romance, it doesn't matter how you find Mr. or Mrs. right.

In the movies it's easy. Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right is a given. "I'm the king of the world." They're the royalty of romance.  Hollywood can even make a movie about a hooker and a businessman seem ideal, but this is not the real world.

Lara Gross / Single in South Florida: "I think I'm picky... I think I'm too picky."

38 year-old Lara Gross has given up on the movie version of romance.

Lara Gross / Single in South Florida: "I'm kind of shallow, ha ha ha."

Eric Roby: "But your honest." 

Lara Gross / Single in South Florida: "I am.. ha ha ha."

Lara knows what she wants. She just hasn't found it. And she's not alone.

"As you get older it gets harder and harder to meet people."

The numbers are somewhat startling.  According to the latest census report, 51% of women in the US are single today. Compare that to the 60's when 44% were not married. For guys 45% are single today. In the 60's only 30% were living alone. With the increasing single scene, people like Lara don't know when it will happen for them.

"It could be ten years, it could be a month who knows??" 

In the movies all it takes is a glance to fall in love.  In reality, it's a lot  more complicated.  48% of men and 53% of women admit to using some type of dating service, with various results.

"Oh God, the internet dating is horrific, I mean I can count on my hand in five years how many people I have met."  

That's why businesses like Events and Adventures are flourishing in South Florida. It's a service that sets up fun events for singles, like this karaoke mixer in Boca.

"We create an environment for singles to go out and do activities that they enjoy and not have the pressure."

No pressure of a date, just a chance to see what people are really like.

"See how they mix with people see how they act see who they are and then you can make a decision if you want to approach them and ask for a date."

Lara is a member and loves meeting other people in the same boat.

Lara Gross / Single in South Florida: "When we are doing things that we enjoy dong we let our guard down a little bit and really your true colors show."

And how could you not let your true colors shine while learning how to fly a helicopter.  This is just another outing that's designed to help people break the ice.  Flying high, hoping to make a connection that last a lifetime.

So even your first kiss doesn't cause you to sing or see fireworks. Don't worry. It usually doesn't happen like this.  For more and more singles,  they're happy just to meet someone they like--not even someone they love.

Here's some other interesting information about living single in South Florida. According to a new survey the vast majority of men and women prefer someone who smiles over someone who is a knockout.  Also, the majority of both men and women would not hesitate to date an older person. And if you're dating, don't be to hard on yourself. Less than half of all first dates end with a kiss. 

The bottom line, experts say forget Hollywood and find your own path to relationship success.