Polo Players

Polo is a popular sport in our area, but it's becoming even more popular because of who is playing. Some very attractive young men are bringing new fans to this sport, right in our own backyard.

They know him by name, spotting him as a superstar in the sport.

"Adolfo Cambiaso sneaks it down the left hand side, drags that ball back, cuts it towards the middle, shooting towards the middle or scoring a goal..."

Adolfo Cambiaso with his first score of the day is now the man many say is the best in polo on the planet, playing right here in Palm Beach County, bringing in fans young, old, and new to the game. And no doubt it helps that not only is he sporty, but some say sexy as well.

Dianne Chase / Spectator from Wellington "They're very easy on the eyes."

Lisa Galliath / Spectator from San Diego: "He looks like a model and he is a model for the sport."

A model for the sport of polo -- literally and figuratively. Adolfo Cambiaso: athletic, agile and at the young age of 31, highly acclaimed by fans and friends.

Sunny Hale / Female Polo Player : "He's a great ambassador for the sport because he is, without a doubt, number one in the world. And in our lifetime he is the tiger woods / michael jordan... All wrapped up in one."

On the field or off, Cambiaso takes his status as superstar, and super-model for the sport in stride.

Adolfo Cambiaso / Player: "If they want to use me to get the sport more popular, let's say, great. I'm going to do it. it's better for me, it's better for this game."

Dianne Chase / Spectator from Wellington: "He's an excellent role model -- a lot of people are coming just to see him and to see all the other very attractive men on these horses."

Men on horses, breaking the mold and bringing in more new fans each day, even the players themselves say spectators are becoming more diverse.

Mike Azzaro / Player: "There's a lot of young spectators and people getting involved in the sport out here."

And many players value the sport and game above all else, but if you are in for another type of  game, there are some single men right in our backyard, playing polo through April.

Cambiaso is not one of the single players. He left in the middle of a game to be with his wife during the birth of their second child. If you're interested in going to watch these guys head to the International Polo Club Palm Beach in Wellington. You can check out the schedule on their website at www.internationalpoloclub.com