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Sell Naked

You know who they are, you can see them a mile away. They walk into your office with a big smile and an even bigger briefcase overflowing with brochures, color charts, samples, and price lists. And they sound like this:

"Mr. Jones (Smith, Brown, White...take your pick) I am Jim form the Convenient Copier Company and since your equipment lease has almost expired on your copier, I have come to demonstrate our latest and greatest new "Zippy Fast Copier."

I have looked at your copier usage and based on your usage the "Zippy" is going to be perfect for you (out comes the fancy brochure). It slices and dices as well as copies...blah, blah, blah."

"You say you don't make as many copies now because of emailing? Then this "Zippy Junior" is great too. It has 675 jig-a-watts of power and see right here the little button on the side, that will help the paper re-adjust if it is offline. If you look you can see the holding tray is larger even though the copier is smaller...."

The client says: "does it have a warranty?"

"Yes," enthusiastically, "here is a copy of it."

Now that you are buried in JUNK what did he really tell you? Nothing.

For all of the sales people out there who do this, and even if you think you don't, take my advice and sell naked!! That's right, NAKED!

What does that mean? It means stripped of everything, no brochures, no samples, no demos, no pricing sheets, and no testimonials. But why?? You ask. Because selling doesn't happen by showing, it happens by asking. Asking the right questions and more than that, when someone asks you as a sales person if you have this type of doohickey or if it does this type of thing, if you go in with nothing, if forces you to find out why they are asking and see what issue they are really trying to solve instead of showing them something you think they want.

"But Greta", you ask, "Why can't I just bring these things in with me and not pull them out?" Great plan but it doesn't work. You are so excited to show them what you have; you will reach in there too fast.  If you have nothing with you, you must ask the good questions and really learn what they need and why....that is selling. Can you keep it in your car? Absolutely, and only when you have gathered all of the information you need and you are confident and you also understand why and how much they are willing to spend, then and only then can you go get it.

Getting to the real issue is the point here, and getting commitments of what they will do if you demonstrate the benefits of the product and it does fit their needs is what you need to achieve to close the sale and not just a think it over. So if you are getting put offs now doing it the way you are doing it, just try this. Make sure you go in prepared with questions to really help you discover what is best for them and why.

You may not like this radical approach but, if you are getting stalls and put offs now I ask's that workin' for ya?

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