Future Face

When you're young you think you will never get old, but wiser people realize the choices you make today can often make a lasting impression. We found a new online program that's really shaking things up, showing young adults first hand if they don't change now they will pay for their bad choices in the future.

From young and healthy to old and sickly, these images are disturbing. But think of it as a time machine. Showing people what the future holds if they don't clean up their acts today. This is software created by Aprilage Development. It shows how people age depending on whether they smoke, have to much sun exposure or become over weight.

"Oh my god! Ha ha"

That's 28 year old Niki Castellanos' reaction after seeing her results. She's a smoker. Seeing the future is not pretty.

"And that is you at 72."

"It looks like I'm already dead! Ha ha."

She may look like death warmed over here, but Niki still has her entire life to change her choices and her future, that's the point.

"Get a good picture of me now, Eric."

But what about someone you know, like Suzanne Boyd? I took her picture, put it into the computer and created some shock and awe.

"Oh my god ahh. Ahhh!"

"Is it worse than you thought?"

"Yes it is much worse than I thought."

Here it is. Suzanne at the ripe old age of 72, overweight and over exposed to the sun.

"You don't want to look like that when you get older so I think it really is a wake up call."

After seeing this transformation Suzanne has seen the light. Sun block is her true friend.

"It's frightening, I mean, what are these things on my face?"

It's enough to remind all of us we're not indestructible. Remember Niki? Not that one. This one. She says this one picture alone is enough to make her quite smoking.

"This is not going to happen!"

"You are going to make sure of that?"

"Definitely yeah."

Aprilage Developments is looking for just that type of a reaction, showing people what will happen if they don't make healthy choices is truly powerful. Starting this month the company is offering this high tech program on line. For a fee people can plug in their picture and see what they will look like when they get old. Their web address is www.aprilage.com.

It really is a powerful experience as you found out. Right Suzanne? Eric it's not fair that you showed what I could look like in 40 years. So I'm going to show what you're going to look like if you don't wear sun block and eat too much fast food. Two of your bad habits. Take a look at this.