COPY-Paris Hilton says she's changed

Associated Press - June 11, 2007 9:43 AM ET

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Is prison life changing Paris Hilton?

It's maturing her, according to Hilton herself in an interview with Barbara Walters.

During the telephone interview, Hilton said she now feels she has a "new chance" -- and that she's no longer going to "act dumb." She says that was an act that is "no longer cute."

Hilton says she now wants to "make a difference." She says, "God has given me this new chance."

She says she was depressed after her first few days behind bars. She told Walters she wasn't eating or sleeping, and that she felt as if she were "in a cage." She says, "It was a horrible experience."

After spending three days in jail for a probation violation, Hilton was released to home confinement last week because of an undisclosed medical condition. The next day an outraged judge ordered her back behind bars. This time, the heiress is in the medical ward of the Twin Towers facility in downtown Los Angeles.

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