Famous 'Hiccup Girl' runs away over MySpace account

Update, Tue 11 am: The 15-year-old girl whose marathon case of hiccups made international news earlier this year has been found safe by her mother.

Jennifer Mee was reported missing early Monday. Her mother says the girl was found walking about two miles from her home Monday night.

Rachel Robidoux said she had not yet discussed with Jennifer why she ran away.

The teen had been upset after a disagreement with her stepfather over a Myspace.com account they didn't know about. They disconnected her cell phone service as punishment.

Her sister last saw Jennifer Sunday night at a park in north St. Petersburg.

Previously: The "Hiccup Girl" is now a runaway.

St. Petersburg police say 15-year-old Jennifer Mee has run away from home.

She was last seen Sunday night at a park by her sister. Her mother reported her missing about eleven hours later.

Jennifer's mother, Rachel Robidoux, says her daughter recently had a disagreement with her stepfather over cell phone service.

The girl's struggles with chronic hiccups - up to 50 times a minute for months - made her an Internet sensation and darling of morning television news shows, who aggressively fought to book the ninth-grader for interviews. The hiccups forced her out of school.

A police spokesman says the agency does not consider Mee endangered.

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