COPY-Woman indicted for killing baby by tossing her down trash chute

Associated Press - June 29, 2007 8:14 AM ET

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) - An Iowa woman indicted for killing her newborn daughter by tossing her down a Pompano Beach hotel trash chute will be arraigned in the next couple weeks.

A grand jury indicted 18-year-old Ashely Truitt yesterday for first-degree murder.

The state attorney's office says it doesn't plan to seek the death penalty.

Authorities say Truitt (of Solon, Iowa) hid her pregnancy from her parents and boyfriend. They were staying at the hotel when authorities found a bloody knife in the hallway and the newborn's body in a trash bin earlier this month.

Truitt said she gave birth in the bathroom, using a kitchen knife to cut the umbilical cord. She then put the baby in a plastic bag with some bath towels and threw it down the trash chute. Truitt told investigators the baby was breathing and crying upon birth.

An autopsy found the newborn died from blunt trauma to the head.

Truitt is being held without bond at the Broward County Jail.

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