COPY-Meet Steev Ramsdell 3:00

Palm Beach County Commissioner #4
Steev Ramsdell
No Party Affiliation
(561) 866-4699

In a sentence, why should you vote for me?
Because you believe your county commissioner should be non-partisan and you want to bring back public service to public office.

My Initiatives
It is said that no one person can change things overnight. But, I believe that even one person can have a positive impact. And if that one person can attract others to the effort, then the likelihood of making significant improvements is increased many times over.

If elected, I hope to work with my fellow commissioners to ensure that the highest quality services are provided in the most cost-efficient manner. We need to take a hard look at our current expenditures. Can we maintain the quality, perhaps even raise it, while cutting bureaucratic costs, which will then free up funds to be used in another area that is in great need, such as education, public safety and environmental concerns?

YOU deserve the best - the absolute best - from your county commissioners, and it will be my sincere pledge to unfailingly strive toward that ideal. People are a great resource for innovations and improvements. I know that we can work together to discover and implement new and better ways to maximize the return of our tax dollars. Here are a few ideas to consider:

TERM LIMITS - We need new faces and fresh ideas, not career politicians whose priority is staying in office. I agree with the overwhelming majority of the 1277 respondents to a recent (7/11/2002) online Sun-Sentinel survey:

"Palm Beach County residents may vote in November on a referendum that would limit county commissioners to eight consecutive years in office. Are these term limits a good idea?"

Not only did 70% feel that "local governments need new faces and ideas to be effective " but 20% felt that "It won't make much difference. The same politicians will be elected, just to different offices." That's about as strong a mandate as there can be for change, improvements and putting an end to politicians placing staying in office as their first priority. Resources available to, and managed by, county commissioners should not be used for the purpose of securing re-election! You would think, and trust, that that is a given, but...

COUNTY LOTTERY - Dedicated exclusively to increasing teacher salaries and providing more resources for Palm Beach County schools. Legislative hurdles would have to be overcome, but imagine having the option to purchase a lottery ticket that would be tied to Palm Beach County, and specifically dedicated to raising Palm Beach County's student education to a level that would be among the nation's highest!

"STATE OF HONOR" TOURISM DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM - 4 media targeted states each month receiving VIS (Very Important State) status discounts & promotions from local businesses. (i.e.) January is the month dedicated to tourists from the states of Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon and Utah. February is devoted to Iowa, Maine, Arizona and New York. And so forth. Campaigns are launched in advance of each month's grouping in the media of each of these states. Residents there are invited to come visit during their special time to enjoy VIS (Very Important State) status. Coordinating with local merchants, hotels and attractions these visitors will receive special discounts and offers. We're sending a more personalized message that says to our fellow Americans, YOU are important to US!

PARENTAL BOOT CAMP - A counseling and training program option for courts to consider in cases of neglect or abuse. This course would provide counseling and training on an individual and group basis designed to identify deficiencies and problem areas. Adjustments and corrections to attitudes and behaviors would be encouraged and required for successful completion. Participants can volunteer for the course, or they may be given the option to attend in lieu of some other action taken by the court as a result of an act or acts that would suggest the need for participation in this course. The goal would be to achieve a more motivated, informed and capable parent.

VOTING DAY NATIONAL HOLIDAY - Every two years we enjoy one of the greatest privileges the people of any nation have ever known - the right to vote. Not only is it at least as important as Memorial Day or Labor Day or President's Day, it is a day when citizens have a responsibility to take part in a particular activity. Whether a person simply takes the time and makes the effort to go to their polling place and make their voice be heard, or they go the extra mile and serve their country as a pollworker, assisting their fellow citizens, every opportunity should be afforded to ensure that this very special and unique privilege is supported by all enterprises and available to all people equally.

STRAIGHT LINE / EQUAL AREA DISTRICTING - Legislators should be ashamed! They should be afraid to show their faces in public after drawing up their self-serving, squiggly, asinine, district boundary lines. These districts are drawn according to partisanship above all else. They are the farthest thing from practicality and common sense. They meander up and down, north and south, for hundreds of miles, east and west, in and out of each other, all according to the goal of re-election and party perpetuity. I say enough of this insanity!

AS A PEOPLE, WE NEED TO DEMAND STRAIGHT LINES AND EQUAL AREAS. That's the only fair, and non-partisan way to determine districts.