New details in the Dunbar gang, rape case

Reporter: Chuck Weber

Fox 29 has new details about the Dunbar Village rape case. We now have more information about the brutal attack on a mother and son and even a possible motive as to why a group of teens would do such a thing.

In just released police reports a woman who lived at the Dunbar Village Complex tells detectives she had just returned home from a new job when a young man came to the door telling her her truck tires were flat. That's when, she says, some young men with guns forced their way into the apartment she shared with her son. Up to ten young men repeatedly raped and beat the woman and her son.

The reports say, "The suspects dropped a blue and white fan on him; they kicked his head; they broke a blue glass bowl on his head; the suspects ordered his mother to wash with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide."

Why were this mother and child the victims of such a horrible crime? The reports say, "She believed they were targeted because she called the police sometime ago because people threw garbage around her apartment complex. She also would not allow her son to associate with the residents.

The victims also tell police one of the attackers used a camera phone to record part of the attack. But in the newly released reports, there's no mention of investigators actually finding those pictures.

There were more problems at Dunbar Village this week. Police say 21-year-old Alex Bynes got into a fight with his former girlfriend at her home in Dunbar Village. The woman claims he pointed a gun at her head as their two children watched. Police say Bynes then left and opened fire on the home; no one was hurt. Bynes remains behind bars charged with assault.