COPY-News Minute: Craig may try to stay...Terror suspects arrested...No sign of Fossett

Associated Press - September 5, 2007 10:03 AM ET

BOISE, Idaho (AP) - He's quitting -- or is he? A spokesman says Idaho Senator Larry Craig now may fight for his Senate seat, instead of resigning as he said he would. 1 of Craig's lawyers tells NBC today that the Senate is going against history by looking into Craig's arrest in an airport men's room.

BERLIN (AP) - A German official won't confirm whether an airport and a U.S. air base were among the targets of 3 suspected Islamic terrorists from a group influenced by al-Qaida. Prosecutors say the three had "profound hatred of U.S. citizens," and that they'd been trained at camps in Pakistan.

MINDEN, Nev. (AP) - A colleague of adventurer Steve Fossett says he's still hoping to hear some positive news soon from the search teams looking for Fossett in western Nevada. His single-engine plane vanished on Monday, as he looked for dry lake beds on which to try to set a world land speed record.

ATLANTA (AP) - Pro wrestler Chris Benoit (ben-WAH') apparently took some very real poundings in the ring over the years. And a doctor who studied Benoit's brain says he suffered brain damage that could help explain why he killed his wife and son and then took his own life in their Atlanta-area home in June.

NEW YORK (AP) - About face -- it's a familiar maneuver on Wall Street these days, and one that's being seen again this morning, as stocks reverse course following yesterday's solid gains. Investors are still awaiting some more clarity on the interest rate outlook. That could come today with the release of the Federal Reserve's Beige Book survey.

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