Money approved for extra security at Dunbar Village

The added security for a local housing project traumatized by a brutal gang rape will stay put for now.

West Palm Beach city leaders approved another $40,000 to extend the extra security in Dunbar Village for 13 weeks.

One neighbor Fox29 spoke with says the increased patrols have helped, but she doesn't see them as much as she'd like. The mayor says a lack of funding from the federal government may force cities to pay for security in public housing projects.

One Dunbar Village resident says, "It's not very often that they're here, but they do a good job when they're here."

"We're pretty much on our own. The funding is limited, and if we want a secure environment in these projects, we're going to have to step up to the plate and pay for it," explains WPB Mayor Lois Frankley.

Commissioners plan to start working on permanent security for all public housing complexes in the city limits.