Lake Worth's John Ralston talks with Rachel Leigh

It took three years and seven recordings, but Lake Worth's John Ralston has his sophomore album, Sorry Vampire, polished.

"It really sounds beautiful - like a gorgeously textured, layered sonic record... I'm happy with it."

John came home recently to open for Dashboard Confessional. He sat down to talk with me about living his dream of playing his music for fans everywhere.

"Living out of a suitcase does get a little tedious, but there's nothing I'd rather do. I get to play my music every night. Even if it is 23 hours of preparation for an one hour show... I'll take that."

But what is it like playing at home?

"Oddly enough, it's a little nerve-wracking playing for the home crowd - more so than anywhere else."

John writes all his own songs. And he never knows when his next lyrical inspiration will come. "There's a lot of napkins and hotel memo pads laying around my house - anything I can write on."

Even while he's sleeping! "You have to wake up and talk into a tape recorder. It's always fun trying to reinterpret that the next day."

And his advice for aspiring young artists: "One of my favorite songwriters said, you know, the day you start writing for your audience, your audience will be unhappy with you. So, as long as you can be true to what you wanna do, you'll be ok."

Sorry Vampire comes out October 2. John will be spending the rest of 2007 touring with Dashboard Confessional.