Save your child's teeth, support our troops

A local dentist is offering to buy back some of the sweets your children picked up Wednesday night.

We all know too many sweets equals too many cavities. Advice from one dentist: Let your kids enjoy some of the treats, but bring the leftover candy to his office.

The office will pay your kids $1 for every pound of candy; then, send it overseas to our soldiers.

He says as adults, they probably know not to eat too much. "They are exposed to life and death situations everyday. If we can give them a feeling of home, bring a smile to their faces, I think the kids are all for that," says Dr. Francisco Arias.

Pediatric Dentistry of the Treasure Coast is collecting the candy Thursday and giving out toothbrushes instead between 3:30 and 5 p.m. Their office is located on Port St. Lucie Boulevard.