Deal or Dud: No Spill Computer Keyboard

One way to really mess up your home computer is to spill something on your keyboard.

But one company says it has a solution. Fox 29 puts the washable keyboard to the 'Deal-or-Dud' test.

Casey DeLatte shares, "I often eat at my desk. [It] has seen all sorts of spills. I've spilled wine... I've spilled coke... [I've] eatin' a sandwich; I'll have crumbs everywhere... [If] it's been able to be brought up from the kitchen, I've pretty much spilled it on my keyboard."

And for a guy who makes a living at his computer, making a mess is almost expected.

"I've had keyboards in the past where I've just totally ruined them and had to throw it away and get a new one."

And that can set you back a good $100 to $150 depending on what you like in a keyboard or mouse.

Any sort of liquid on a piece of electronics is going to eventually cause it to malfunction.

But the folks at Unotron say not so. Their kind of keyboard comes with spill-seal technology. So does the mouse. The wireless keyboard and mouse are designed to deal with even the most massive mess makers.

So, we brought Casey chips, soda and cheese curls, and let him create a crummy, sticky situation for this technology to tackle.

We're just going to do exactly as the instructions say. Then, as per the instructions, we have Casey wash the keyboard under running water! Normally, a no-no for electronics!

Then, we blow it dry and try our luck.

The keyboard was still working.

But what about the mouse? It's supposed to be watertight, too! So we borrow a bowl of water and drop in the mouse.

"I can even right click, and it will bring up the menu," says Casey.

It seems there's no drowning this device! It is the spill-seal waterproof keyboard and mouse from Unotron.

So what does Casey think - 'Deal or Dud? "I think it is a deal."

If you are prone to spilling on your home computer keyboard, than this is a deal for you.

The keyboards start from just under $50, and the company also has other spill proof computer products you can buy.

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