Need a laugh? Meet the 3 Redneck Tenors

If you aren't really into the Broadway, but you still appreciate the arts, I've found a show for you! The 3 Redneck Tenors implement singing, dancing and a trailer into a comedic show which is bound to get you laughing out loud!

I made it backstage to talk with the stars, and right off the bat, the 3 Redneck Tenors and their manager, the Colonel, began putting on a comedy show right there in their dressing room!

And the mainstream music industry better raise their white flags.

"We're 'revolutionarizing,'" says Alex Bumpas who plays Billy Bob.

That's right... "revolutionarizing". And they claim, even with their mullets and overalls, they can still rival Andrew Lloyd Weber.

"It's like a Broadway musical. There's a story line, a plot, songs, a set, dancing and acting, oh, and very brief nudity," chime in the four.

But don't let that scare you off.

Creator Matthew Lord, who plays Billy Joe, explains "This is an adult show with no adult language. You can bring your momma. You can bring your kids."

"You can bring your dog if he's house broken," adds Bumpas.

The story line goes a little something like this:

"Billy Ray's poor grieving widow, his beautiful 'cusband', Edna May. You see, we call her his 'cusband' because she was his cousin and then they were married, so we like to refer to Billy Ray as her 'cusband'. Her late 'cusband' dies right in the middle they was building their dream trailer. And we was singing in front of our trailer, and the Colonel stumbled by, and he heard us signing and wanted to make us big singing stars. We figured it'd be a perfect way to help her finish her dream trailer," explains Lord.

So, what were they doing professionally before they started this 'Redneck' tour?

"Right before this happened, I made my metropolitan opera debut," says Lord.

Bumpas says, "I was dancing in a club were I'm not legally allowed to dispose of the name of it."

"I was in 'South Pacific' the touring show. And, then, I was also in the 'State Fair' and 'Peter Pan,'" says John Wilkerson who plays Billy Billee.

And for the Colonel, played by Dinny McGuire, "I was the ringmaster for the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus and the Big Apple Circus."

The four then serenaded me out in front of Edna May's dream trailer. (Watch the video on your top left.)

The Three Redneck Tenors and the Colonel will be in our area once again performing at the Lyric Theatre in Stuart November 19 - 21.