Deal or Dud: Insolia

Ladies, you know you love your high heels. But, do they make your feet hurt?

Science is stepping up with style with a new product called 'Insolia'.

Fox 29 talks to ladies and put them to the test to find out if it's a 'Deal or Dud'.

For Lisa Oldham, fashion starts at her feet! "There's probably thousands and thousands of dollars worth of shoes here."

But while designers, like Dior and Oldham, are always on hand. "That's about a five inch heel right there... They were probably originally about an $800 shoe."

But after tripping in those shoes several times, functionality is fleeting!

"They're so very high and so very painful that you have to kind of just go somewhere and sit for the evening."

Cute: Yes. Comfortable: No.

Which is why we asked Lisa to help us put Insolia to the 'Deal or Dud' test!

The high heel shoe inserts are designed to distribute the weight of a woman's foot more evenly which should reduce the pain of high heels.

Dr. Mary Beth Crane explains, "When you're in a high heel shoe, it lifts your foot up; specifically, it puts all the weight in the front of your foot. You've got 75 percent of your weight on your forefoot and 20 to 25 percent of your weight on your heel."

Dr. Crane says the idea sounds like a good fit. "Literally, it picks up the heel slightly, and distributes the stress more to the heel than the front of the foot."

As long as our tester doesn't expect Insolia to turn her twin towers into a pair of tennis shoes!

Dr. Crane says, "Does it make it feel like a sneaker? No. Is it going to make your foot feel fabulous all day? No. Would I like all women to throw away their high heel shoes? Absolutely!"

Nevertheless, we asked the foot doctor. "There is no difference between the right and left," says Lisa.

For a fair comparison, we had several others try in just one shoe.

Dr. Crane asks, "You can really tell the difference. I really feel like my left foot is wearing about an inch and a half heel and my right foot is wearing a three inch heel."

The doctor's diagnosis? Deal!

But Lisa's left a little unsure. She says she doesn't feel a big difference in her heels, but she has had all day to get used to them. "This is probably about a four inch heel - probably five with the platform."

So, we inserted Insolia to see if it can make those steep stems more manageable. "You know, the pressure on the ball of my foot isn't as intense... They are less uncomfortable. Yes, you can definitely tell the difference on it.

So what does Lisa think? "Deal. Definitely. If you don't wear high heels a lot, I think certainly it cuts back the pressure on your foot."

By the way, their creation is the combined efforts of a podiatrist and a rocket scientist. A pair of Insolia inserts retail for less than $10. You can pick them up at your local CVS.