New breakthrough treatment for hair loss

It's embarrassing and most women don't want to talk about it.

But hair loss is a big problem for women of all ages. But take a look at how a new laser is helping hair loss patients re-grow their hair.

Loretta Stacey says, "I didn't want to go completely bald and look like a guy!"

She may be laughing now, but her five-year struggle with hair loss is no joke. "My hair started to thin, and I tried things, like Monoxidil, and it didn't work."

That's why she turned to hair replacement systems in Palm Beach Gardens for laser hair replacement. It's called "Low Level Laser Therapy", and it just gained FDA approval in February.

For the past four months, Loretta has been receiving treatments twice a week. Each visit takes just 30 minutes. "It's just like sitting in your living room - in a chair. It's very comfortable."

The president of the company, Mario Mazza, places the laser on her head. And once it's in place, he pushes a few buttons and treatment begins.

"It increases the cell's metabolism to create new hair and at the same time to increase the diameter - the thickness of the existing hair," explains Mazza.

"It may sound technical, but Loretta says all she knows is she can feel the hair growing within an hour of the treatment. "You feel as if the hair is coming up through the scalp, and it's getting stronger. You feel a little tingling later on."

When you hear laser, you may be thinking heat, but patients don't feel any discomfort.

"It's cool to the touch. It's not a tissue burning laser. She will not feel anything," assures Mazza.

This treatment is for men and women, but it's especially effective for men. "Prior to the laser, there was only Monoxidil that woman could use, and there was also the option of hair transplant which requires surgery."

After just four months, Loretta says, "There's a lot more body to my hair. It's made it stronger at the root and all the way down to the end."

Mazza tells us only people with "light to moderate" hair loss are candidates for the treatment. And when you're done, they recommend you go back once or twice a month just to maintain your results.

A year's worth of treatment will run you about $2,800.

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