Caught on tape: Eerie, ghostly image

Get ready, the video to your left is probably about the strangest surveillance video you will ever see.

Some say it's proof ghosts do exist; others are baffled and can't explain it. What is for sure, this is very strange.

At a Marathon gas station outside Cleveland, Ohio, something is causing jaws to drop. An eerie, luminous blue, ghostly image caught on tape last Sunday.

The station owner even had to do a double take. The image sits there for a half hour and then dies off. Later, the ghost sits on the car windshield then floats away.

Everyone has their theory as to what it is. "Whatever it is, it's too bad it's not the ghost of cheap gas prices... or maybe it is because those too are gone with the wind," says one customer.

Word of the video is becoming an attraction. Groups of people are now stopping by the Ohio gas station to see for themselves and try explain this mystery.